Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are the way 21st century learners are getting best knowledge resources from multiple resources from multiple resources worldwide. Knowledge acquisition is now digital with credits also given for MOOC Courses. We wish to aggregate good courses for knowledge enhancement of life long learners. In knowledge era we need a  self learning approach to be successful as technology and knowledge as changing and there is need to be LIFE LONG LEARNER


As the name indicates, it is essential to know, understand, present status of villages , “Gram”. We developed a desktop Mapping tool  in collaboration with IIT Mumbai and successfully used. The concept is important as for good governance it is important to understand the resources of Grams, Blocks and plan the development agenda accordingly


In the Digital World, IT Advocacy is very important. This involves workshops, seminars to conceptualize Information Technology Usage in Organizations for enhancing efficiency, good planning, developing applications for good governance. Information Technology is a way to ease way of working, create new job opportunities and be globally competent. The IT revolution in financial sector has made ease of banking for masses, direct transfer of scheme funds possible. We believe strongly that for a developed mindset IT advocacy and solutions are very important

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Foundation for Resource Convergence

Foundation of Resource Convergence has the mission to encourage the concept of convergence of physical, financial, knowledge, technology resources for well being in governance issues.

The Resources are available right from village, block, district, state and national level. It is essential for planners to CONVERGE RESOURCES systematically and have DEVELOPMENT and GOVERNANCE plans at multiple levels aiming for GROWTH, WELL BEING and GLOBALLY relevant.

We have conceptualized software and digital platforms that make governance transparent and entitlement based, publish literature, provide e-knowledge basis, to spread awareness and advocacy, multi-media including making films or optimum utilization of resources and use of information technology by various stake holders contribution to the development agenda and governance issues. Foundation also supplements research in advanced sector and sponsor deserving students, enthusiasts.

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